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Recruitment: Tovalea's defining expertise

Recruiting candidates for our hotel and restaurant clients

As a leader in the french market, our recruitment firm has been developing its successful recruitment methods for executive search for numerous years.

Our promise is simple: taking a big picture approach to offer a first-class recruitment experience within the hospitality industry.

Our approach to executive search

Our approach as an executive search specialist is qualitative and non-elitist . Above all, we work to create exceptional and sustainable professional encounters between our clients and applicants and to ensure that these encounters can happen together and over the long term.

We believe that respecting the culture of both our applicants and clients is extremely important. Through the recruitment process, we create synergy by selecting talent based on the profiles, cultures, and personalities of owners and existing teams, thereby allowing us to place applicants precisely and intentionally. This is the basis of our work. Our DISC AND WPMOT certifications help us establish ties between clients and applicants.

Through our executive search methods, we have collected a small and highly qualified pool of applicants to draw from. We have personally met each and every applicant inside the walls of our agency and have made the extra effort to familiarise ourselves with their careers, values, advancement goals, and future plans. We establish connections with committed and responsible clients who are truly able to welcome and develop the talents we place in their hotels and restaurants.

Who are our recruiters?

Our recruiters are hoteliers, representing the inner circles of their industry, experts in the field thanks to first-class training and experience. Read their bios.

We do not call, we meet...

Valérie Bisch
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"Is human who sees in each person a potential and helps him to develop it"

Hélène Bouyer
Acting COO
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Alexandra de Rohan Chabot
Senior Consultant
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Marine Haguenin
Talent scout
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Description of recruitment service

Deep knowledge of the client environment

We conduct a total assessment of your needs by visiting your establishment and meeting with the owners, management and work teams.

Background work on the job profile

The initial job profile created by the client is thoroughly analysed, redesigned and refined. Its validation signals the start of the recruitment journey.

A short list process that is restrictive yet far-reaching

There are no false promises at Tovalea: handing the client a stack of CVs in record time would assure little in terms of a quality approach. For each open position, we present a maximum of three to four highly qualified candidates, who have all spent ample time in our offices discussing their professional objectives and interests in-depth.

The candidate summary, or prospectus

We send a profile summary along with the candidate’s CV, outlining their professional trajectory from a bigger picture perspective. This includes our impartial assessment written with both the candidate and the client equally in mind.

Ongoing follow-up

Following-up with the client and the candidate post-placement is the key to a successful match. During the first six months of the trial period, we keep a close eye on the placed candidate, following their orientation within their new work environment. Whenever needed, no matter how small the scenario, we’ll be present to smooth things out and help ensure that a long-term placement is achieved.

Exclusive collaboration

Exclusivity is the key to our clients’ commitment as well as ours in return. This represents a position of reciprocal trust. It is something that we demand systematically, and we have even turned down missions for which this criteria was not met. The time we spend with our candidates is important, as the majority of them work alone with us in the management of their careers. We present them, with their agreement, only to clients willing to make the same commitment.