I’ve had the chance to be in relations with Valérie Bisch and Tovalea for six years now. They led me to the opportunity of working in a sales management position within the Hyatt company. I did not have management experience prior to that role, and yet they were confident in me. I owe the launch of my career to her. From our first exchange, it was professional love at first sight. Tovalea’s team is insightful, sensitive, ambitious, curious, and a visionary. They have surrounded herself with a team of like-minded experts—Tovalea is a firm in the human vein: attentive, responsive, and able to align the expectations of its candidates with the needs of its clients. Tovalea does a good job at keeping an ongoing eye on your career progress, and I always enjoy discussing my career choices with them. The team have always had excellent advice and I have no doubt that I will have the opportunity of working with them again in the future.

Director of Sales & Marketing
for 4 star Hotel, Paris
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