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Our candidates come first

Our approach: candidates

At Tovalea, we provide a rewarding and first-class experience for our candidates. As the first "candidate-first" recruitment firm, Tovalea is also unique in that they are the only ones to choose their clients based on the qualities of commitment, loyalty, and compassion.

We strive to work only with the top recruiter clients, and to pass their generous and challenging missions on to our talented community of candidates. It is our responsibility and our commitment to want the very best for you.

Who are our candidates?

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A genuine desire to get to know you

Once we have spent some time getting to know you and learning your values, career path, and professional expectations—in addition to your degree of mobility and earnings aspirations—we are then ready to integrate your profile into our talent pool.

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From there, we’ll keep close tabs on you and make sure to only bring perfectly suitable projects and offers to your attention (and that align with your CV).



A high expectation for commitment from our clients

The missions entrusted to us by our clients must be in alignment—point by point—with your own aspirations and your values. This approach, unique in its kind, has enabled us to earn the trust of the current market’s premiere hospitality talents, and to secure placements in the needed time.

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We always visit our clients in person before confirming a mission, regardless of their location. We speak with both owners and investors, of course, but with management as well. We work to ensure the integrity of the requested mission as well as a 100% commitment from our partners and clients.

We are completely transparent in how we present our missions, include whatever investments must be made on your part. We also do an assessment of the challenge to make sure that it can be executed within reason, and that the means necessary to accomplish it have been adequately planned for.

Each year, we encounter missions that we have no choice but to decline as they do not meet our requirements in terms of promise, credibility, transparency or goodwill.By carefully following up on each candidate after they have been placed, we can ensure that client promises have been kept, and be ready to take the appropriate action if not the case.



Synergising the values between candidates and recruiters

Our bottom line is making sure that your values resonate with those of our recruiting clients.

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Each year, we are compelled to turn down recruitment offers that do not come with a sincere employer promise. We do this regardless of the potential business opportunity for us or the importance of the position. Valérie Bisch Tovalea Founder


Earnest and personalised follow-up of candidates on an ongoing basis

Once integrated into the Tovalea talent pool, we keep close and regular tabs on your professional progress, year after year, and remain forever at your disposal for any advice or support you may need.

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Signatory of the French Diversity Charter

We are open to working with all hospitality profiles regardless of job title, hotel category, or whatever your past training may have been. We are on your team: from the moment we have deemed that your career path meets our criteria of excellence, in terms of merit and ambition.

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